Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Keep it Simple

Making changes to your life to bring positive results does not always mean you have to make drastic changes. I have been reading the book by Darren Hardy called "The Compound Effect." If you haven't read it, it is very inspiring. The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. The small steps are just that, small and simple. Because they are so small and simple, they can seem insignificant. But, over a long period of time, they bring huge results. One example Hardy uses in his book is cutting out 125 calories from your diet each day. This is such a small step that it really only amounts to cutting out about a cup of cereal, trading a can of soda for a bottle of water, or switching from mayo to mustard on your sandwich everyday. But in the long run it results in a big change. If you break it down over a period of 3 years, it looks something like this:

36 months = 1,091 days
1,091 days x 125 calories = 136,451 calories
136,451 calories divided by 3500 calories per pound = 38.9 pounds!

As Hardy mentions in this book, you can use this strategy for improving your health, relationships, finances, or anything really. As I read this, it reminded me of a story someone told me about my mother-in-law. Every time she did laundry, she would pay herself the amount it would cost her to do laundry at a laundromat. I think it was something like less than a dollar per load (I will have to clarify with her). She made this incredibly small commitment until she had enough to purchase a brand new, top of the line, energy efficient washer and dryer. This is the Compound Effect!

What small step can you make everyday to reach your current goals? Commit to that small step today! No matter how insignificant it might seem, stay committed to taking that step every single day. You may not see changes immediately, but over time you will notice change. And when you reach your goal you will look back and feel less ordinary and more extraordinary!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ready, Set, Start!

If you didn't sit right down and write out your goals after reading my post yesterday, what are you waiting for?! If you are bouncing ideas around in your head, mull them over for a day or two, but then sit down and write them out. Seriously, do not skip this step! Writing them out will help you stay focused, will keep you committed, and will help you believe as you get closer and closer. It is important for you to be able to visualize each step as you make progress. Here is what I have written out:

1. Pay off all debt
2. Raise happy, healthy, well-rounded boys to be successful Christlike members of society
3. Lose 10 more pounds (I have already lost 20, just in case that seems like a small goal)
4. Sculpt abs into 6-pack...yes, this is one of my goals!
5. Build a strong, fun Beachbody Coaching Team...this could be you!
6. Achieve enough success at my Beachbody business to have the option to quit my full-time job
7. Provide the healthiest lifestyle possible for my family
*Goals are listed in no particular order

1. Workout 6-7 times/week
2. Eat a well-balanced diet to fuel my body and model healthy eating for my husband and boys
3. Reach out to others on facebook inspiring them to believe in themselves and reach their goals
4. Spend quality time with my boys doing what they are interested in doing, and intentionally teaching them something that matters
5. Find, cook, and share healthy recipes
6. Help 3 new people every month find a successful path on their journey to getting fit and healthy
7. Provide coaching trainings for all my Beach Body coaches
8. Use all Beach Body earnings to pay down my family's debts
*1-4 are daily goals, 5 is a weekly goal, and 6-8 are monthly goals

Sound ambitious? Remember, I work full-time. So yes, this is ambitious. BUT, I can do this because I BELIEVE in myself and am committed to my short-term goals. Meeting my short-term goals will take me to my long-term goals. 

Now go make your lists! And please share them with me so I can encourage you!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chase Without Abandon

Having an extraordinary life means living life to the fullest, setting lofty goals and chasing after them without abandon. This can only be done when we believe in ourselves. Has anyone told you lately that they believe in you? Has anyone stopped to ask you what your hopes and dreams are? If nobody is asking you these things, maybe it is time for you to start asking yourself these questions. What are your hopes and dreams? Do you have any long-term goals? Write them down! Then list out the short-term goals that will lead you to successfully reaching your long-term hopes and dreams. Promise yourself that you will stop at nothing to reach your goals. What are you doing everyday to reach your goals? What are you doing every week to reach your goals? What are you doing every month to reach your goals? If you are dedicating yourself daily, weekly, and monthly to tasks that will get you to your goals, then you have nothing to lose! You can do it! Take one step at a time, one day at a time. Believe in yourself, you can do it!